Selection Process


  • The selection will take place with initial assessment from a panel of judges, followed by a presentation/demonstration by the student. UCSC will conduct the judging and share the shortlisted students/projects with FITIS.
  • Overall winners will be announced by the Ministry of Education
  • No of students recognized at final awards including:

National Winners

Merit Winners

Nomination for APICTA awards

Evaluation Stage 1 – Initial Assessment

Aim: Evaluation or investigation of software/hardware projects as part of a methodical survey, to assess suitability for the 2nd round.

Types of Projects:   

  • Software Based Projects:
  • Hardware Based Projects: Using available resources (Video demonstration) or call for a demonstration parallel to the 2nd

Evaluators: Academic Experts (5 members in a panel)

Evaluation Stage 2 - Presentation and Viva

Aim: Evaluation or investigation the individually and ownership of the submission

Evaluators: Academic & Industry Experts (5 or 7 members in a panel)

Final Judgment - Internal

Aim: Evaluation Stage: Final Round – Internal

Overall discussion is made by the same panel selected amongst industry and academia. The panel needs to select the best out of the best project (Software/Hardware) and submit to the board where each panel needs to explain their best projects