Helpful Tips


Below mention details are the experience that are faced by UCSC judges while evaluating the student during the judging process. The judges came up with few common mistakes and helpful tips guidelines for students to avoid these errors in future while submission or presenting their projects in order to help students to successfully complete the project and to experience the outcome of this competition.

Common Mistakes

Round 1 - Evaluation

  • File uploading errors
  • Some files are missing
  • Unreadable files are there
  • Links / navigation errors
  • Used third Party Software
  • Files are not Compatible with existing application or OS

Round 2 - Evaluation

  • No interaction with panel
  • Badly prepared slides. (if necessary)
  • Presentation not focused
  • Talking too softly or too fast
  • Presentation too long
  • No flow
  • Language problem
  • Monotonous (interactive activities)
  • Demonstration issues (setup issues)
  • Devices are not working properly
  • Lack of testing
  • Time Management

Common Software Errors

Functionality Errors:

  • Functionality is a way the software is intended to behave.
  • Software has a functionality error if something that you expect it to do is hard, confusing, or impossible.

Communication Errors:

  • These errors occur in communication from software to end-user.
  • Anything that the end user needs to know in order to use the software should be made available on screen.

Missing command errors:

  • This happens to occur when an expected command is missing.

Syntactic Error:

  • Syntactic errors are misspelled words or grammatically incorrect sentences and are very evident while testing software GUI

Error handling:

  • Any errors that occur while the user is interacting with the software needs to be handled in a clear and meaningful manner. If not, it is called as an Error Handling Error

Control flow errors:

  • The control flow of a software describes what it will do next and on what condition.

Calculation Errors:

  • These errors occur due to any of the following reasons:
    1. Bad logic
    2. Incorrect formulae
    3. Data type mismatch
    4. Coding errors
    5. Function call issues, etc.


You need to:

  1. Present your project clearly.
  2. Start and end.
  3. Make sure there is a flow in between.
  4. Communicate with the panel.
  5. Ensure they understand.
  6. Highlight the main functionalities