Guidelines for the participants


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The conditions of competition

  1. Should be a single or group project and must be a self-created project (Maximum no of a group is three (3) students)
  2. The project should be presented in English or Sinhala /Tamil medium.
  3. The project should be relevant to the design theme and should be a positive and meaningful project that can be applied to the school system or international level.
  4. Only one project should be submitted
  5. A student shall be in two projects: situation as one individual project and one group project
  6. Registration and submission of project should be done under the instructions given below
  7. The final project should be submitted online via the link sent to the registered candidates. Alternatively,
  8. All the project will be evaluated according to the following criteria.
    • Unity
    • Conceptual presentation
    • Functionality and features
    • Quality
    • Presentation

Rules Adopted

  1. It is mandatory that any material incorporated into the submissions must be duly acknowledged
  2. Each project may be prepared individually or by a team of not more than three students under the supervision of a nominated teacher.
  3. The full names only (as written on birth certificate), Surname underline, of the participants should be clearly stated on participation forms as specified.
  4. Copy of the Birth Certificate, duly certified by a JP should be sent along with the application.
  5. Teams should submit their projects via the link sent to registered email account including complete source code (where applicable) accompanied by a covering letter endorsed by the Principal / Head of the Institute.
  6. All tools used (and their respective versions) must be clearly stated.
  7. All projects, duly endorsed by the Principal / Head of the institute, should be forwarded to the FITIS.
  8. The organizers will sponsor an air ticket to one or two overall winner/s to represent Sri Lanka at the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) every year. When it is a group project, only the team leader will be given the sponsorship. (Subject for changes)
  9. The decisions of the judges are final.