Collaborated Bodies


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The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) was set up in 1996 with the purpose of giving a much-needed focal point for the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Today, FITIS is the apex body of the ICT sector in the country covering all major industry segments such as Hardware, Software, Training & Education, Communication and Professional. FITIS which has been actively contributing towards changing the landscape of Sri Lankan ICT industry during last two decades has many “firsts” and “bests” to its credit. FITIS is committed to foster a healthy growth of the industry focusing on resolving policy issues, lobbying with state authorities, co-operation and alignment with regional & global industry bodies & promoting harmony & innovation within the ICT industry. FITIS has been organized the Young Computer Scientist (YCS) competition for the last 18 consecutive years successfully.

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YCS competition is conducted by FITIS in associated with MoE for more than a decade with the objective of identifying young talents island wide and create avenue for them to perform at national and international level. YCS competition is recognized as one of the National Level Competition by MoE. The winners are announced by the MoE and the YCS award ceremony is conducted every year jointly by FITIS and MoE

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UCSC plays a vital role during the competition for more than a decade. UCSC provides its facility for evaluating and judging process. Senior and assistant lectures along with academic staffs, undergraduates and academic and industry experts are involved during this process