About YCS




YCS competition aims to expose the computing talents of school children at early stages and encourage them to develop their talents and earn recognition for the innovations. This competition is open for three groups of students: aged 10 to 13 Sub Junior, aged 14 to 16 Junior category, and 17 to 20 years are the senior category.  This program is conducted by following the model of the APICTA. The selection process is based on an initial assessment from a panel of judges, followed by a presentation/ demonstration by the students and a final judgment by the same panel selected amongst industry and academia. YCS winners are announced by MoE and the award ceremony is conducted jointly by FITIS and MoE every year. The winners, the school principals and the IT teachers of all the winning schools are invited to the award ceremony and recognized and big prizes are offered. One overall winner from each age group category of the competition will be nominated for the APICTA 2022 that to be held in Malaysia 2022.

This year the YCS competition is stepping successfully into the 21st consecutive year as the new normal and using a virtual platform to reach out the student to enable them to participate without any obstacles.

YCS winners are announced by MoE and the award ceremony is conducted jointly by FITIS and MoE every year.

Aims of the Competition

  • To expose the computing talents from school children at early stages.
  • To encourage them to develop their talents.
  • To earn recognition for their innovations.
  • To create opportunity for students to represent Sri Lanka in APICTA competition.
  • To create awareness among youth in the path of ICT.
  • To take students’ products to Business expose, seminars and trade missions across member economies.
  • To produce 20,000 IT Graduates yearly by 2025.
  • To produce 1,000 Micro Software Houses (MSH) by 2025 across the country.

Benefits of the Competition

  • Prestigious certificate is awarded by Ministry of Education Sri Lanka in collaboration with FITIS.
  • Scholarships & placements are offered by well renowned University.
  • 100,000/- cash price to the winners.
  • 5 desktops to champion’s school.
  • Nomination for APICTA awards 2022 in Malaysia and to attend an international conference.
  • Opportunity to obtain technical support, knowledge support and sponsor (investment) to develop the innovative product/s.
  • Platform to find business matching and multiple networking opportunities of similar level.
  • Exposure to ICT Industry, international innovations, technologies and trade.
  • Platform to exhibit the innovation at Infotel Asia 2022 – Exhibition.
  • Publication of recognitions on Sri Lanka mass media.

Stages of the Competition

This program has 5 step process:

  1. Application Submission
  2. Project Submission
  3. Judging process
    1. Round 1 – Evaluation: Project Screening
    2. Round 2 – VIVA or Presentation
  4. YCS award ceremony
  5. APICTA competition and awards

Fields and Age Categories of the Competition



Awareness sessions are organised by FITIS to educate and encourage participants for YCS competition. These awareness sessions conducted using the virtual platforms as webinars. These sessions are forced on Students, IT Teachers & IT related authority of the respective schools.

FITIS, MoE, UCSC, Software Industry experts, sponsors and the past YCS champions will be conducting session in all 3 Languages throughout the competition journey to guide and monitor the progress. The academics and industry experts will be sharing the latest knowledge and technology in order to help the participants to develop and improve their innovations.


  1. Teachers Awareness Session – Southern Province (Galle) – 09th March 2020
  2. Awareness session for YCS Competition for Teachers and Students (Sinhala) Webinar on 06th June 2020 (Video & Presentation Slides Watch and download)
  3. Awareness session for YCS Competition for Teacher & Students (All 3 Languages) Webinar on 13th June 2020 (Video & Presentation Slides Watch and download)

Aims of the Session

  • Announce, educate and engage directly with the teachers and students.
  • Brief the IT teachers to encourage students to participate for YCS competition.
  • Educate and encourage students to participate in YCS competition.
  • Educate regarding the virtual platform, process and procedures.
  • Educate students and teacher regarding the outcome of the competition.
  • Educate on how to present the solutions and on presentation skills
  • Interact with students and teacher directly and clarify their queries.
  • Encourage teachers & students to think beyond the syllabus.
  • Educate teachers about the tools & techniques that are available that could be applied in a project.
  • Connect IT teachers with software community.
  • Facilitate mentoring & coaching for selection process.
  • Identify the needy students and donate the required infrastructure.


Teachers Awareness Session – Southern Province - Galle

Webinar 1 Video & Presentation Slides - Awareness session for YCS Competition for Teachers and Students (Sinhala)

Webinar 2 Video & Presentation Slides – Awareness session for YCS Competition for Teacher & Students (All 3 Languages)

Important Dates

  • First session on 25th May 2021 in Sinhala
  • Second session conducted in all 3 languages  on 16th June 2021
  • Multiple Webinar series with IT Teachers and Students as follows:
    • Virtual Platform introduction and project submission guidelines – 7thJuly 2021
    • Competition participants awareness session and presentation by previous winners – 11thAugust
  • Mentoring session - 1 for shortlisted candidates –September 2022
  • Mentoring session - 2 for shortlisted candidates –October 2022
  • YCS Award Ceremony (Mutually agreed with Ministry of Education)
  • APICTA Awards – To be announced by APICTA

*Dates may vary due to the pandemic status